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Resolutions have a negative connotation to it and are often broken before the end of January. That’s why we have
decided to turn the revolution into a fun activity and rather call it our 2023 Bucket List. What we want to achieve is added
to this list and the challenge is to find the most creative or fun way to achieve it. For our Health Bucket List we want to
share our helpful tips with you. Here they are:

Incorporate gut friendly food into your diet.

A healthy gut helps to keep so many diseases at bay. From IBS to diabetes. Introducing healthy food items to your daily
diet can help you combat poor gut health and other contributing health problems. Among these foods are almonds, pure
olive oil, yogurt, banana’s, foods high in fiber.

Take a quality probiotic everyday.

Probiotics help to boost healthy bacteria in your gut. Bad bacteria causes issues like inflammation and other related
diseases, while healthy bacteria helps to regulate your gut health and helps to improve overall health. Our probiotics
contain Lab4 bacteria backed by years of research as well as other vitamins and minerals that boosts your immune
system. We also combine our probiotics with a unique combination of vitamins and minerals depending on your

Move around more.

We often don’t move around enough. Take regular breaks when you work at a desk and try to incorporate 10 minute
stretches at the beginning and end of each day. This helps with blood flow, muscle strength and gives you the opportunity
to reset your mind. You can also start working out. If this is a difficult one for you, start with short sessions or once a week
and build up from there.

Drink lots of water.

Water is an absolute essential part of our gut health. It helps to break down food so that our gut can absorb the nutrients.
It also helps to prevent constipation and IBS. Opt to replace your sugary or carbonated drinks with water.

Whether you choose to take on one or all of our 2023 Healthy Bucket List Items, we hope it adds lots of value to your

Happy New Year!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this blog is not intended to diagnose any conditions or prescribe any medicine. It is purely
informational and you should still consult with a registered doctor for any and all medication requirements.

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