Spring clean your Gut with Probiotic foods this New Year

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We’ve all just come out of a very festive holiday season of being outdoors, indulging in comfort foods and eating all sorts of yummy treats. Part of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020 may be to start eating clean and getting back into shape. Your gut is equally due for a clean-up too!

An unhealthy gut can be partly responsible for a wide range of health issues which can bring down your quality of life; this includes obesity, fatigue and chronic metabolic diseases.

According to Healthline to keep yourself and your gut healthy, it’s best to focus on an overall healthy lifestyle. Step one of cleansing your microbiome involves adding prebiotic foods to your diet, this helps to create a healthy gut environment where probiotics can thrive.

Safety is a key consideration when choosing any supplement, and with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, coupled with continuous research and new product development, ProVen Probiotics is one of the world’s most respected probiotics manufacturers. The strains used in ProVen Probiotics were originally isolated from the gut microbiota of healthy humans and screened for appropriate characteristics and safety. They are naturally present in our intestines, but their numbers can be reduced due to stresses of our modern lifestyle.

There are trillions of live bacterial cultures in the digestive tract that need to be in balance in order to keep the body healthy.

Here are other ways you can restore and maintain your gut:

  1. Eat a Lot of Vegetables, Beans, Legumes, Whole Grain Food and Fruits
  2. Eat Fermented Foods
  3. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
  4. Eat Prebiotics Foods
  5. Take Probiotic Supplements
  6. Get Good Sleep
  7. Exercise

ProVen Probiotics have shown to help with bloating and supporting the gut. Check out which ProVen Probiotics product is suitable for you or your child https://www.provenprobiotics.co.za/products/

Step into the New Year with a healthy gut!


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