Gut Health Might be Linked to Age Reversal

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Gut Health Might be Linked to Age Reversal

Research the past decade has shown the strong ability for the gut and the brain to communicate
with each other via the vagus nerve. Like the brain, the gut also produces many of the same
neurotransmitters as the brain does, like dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid. This means
the gut directly has an effect on an individual;s mood.

A recent “mind-blowing” discovery was made by scientists researching the effects of the gut
microbes on brain function. It has been established that there might be a link between gut health
and age reversal of the brain.

A study that was performed on mice by replacing microbes from the fecal matter of young mice
into the intestines of older mice. They found the older mice exhibited improved learning ability
and cognitive function.

Although no fecal matter transplants will be taking place between humans (just yet), this
amazing result means that scientists could possibly engineer better treatments to find a cure for
dementia or reverse age-related brain deterioration.


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